Local FDH – Direct Hire

– Finished Contract: The helper has already finished his/her 2-year contract in Hong Kong. A helper will be counted as finished contract 30 days before the end of his/her visa.

– Unfinished Contract 1: Broken Contract means that the helper is currently in Hong Kong and he/she does not want to continue his/her 2-year contract.

– Unfinished Contract 2: Terminated Contract means that the helper is being fired and cannot finish his/her 2-year contract.

Broken/Terminated Contract helpers might have a bad record in the Immigration Department. They might be rejected if they have broken / have been terminated their contracts for multiple times.


Price: HKD $6,800

Estimated Time: 4-8 Weeks (after all documents are submitted)


Service Content

  • Medical check up in Hong Kong
  • The HK SAR Immigration Department’s visa fee
  • Contract notarization fee at the HK-Indonesia Consulate
  • Document / Handling fee



  • Domestic Helper insurance



  1. Submit application
  2. Transfer payment
  3. Our finished contract team will contact you shortly
  4. Submit documents
  5. Get the employment visa


  • The hire process is ended when the helper’s employment visa is issued.
  • Your application information and documents completed or not, will directly affect your application progress. Therefore, before the employment, please prepare the necessary information and documents to shorten the application time.
  • Offer 1 – If the application is not approved for any reason, the charge of HK$1,200 will only be deducted, the rest of the service fee can be used for hiring another Overseas FDH provided by 1maid2.
  • Offer 2 – If the helper is not satisfied, the employer can hire another Overseas FDH by 1maid2 with a 20% discount within three months.


Refund Policy

  • Processes being cancelled by Employer is not refundable.
  • If case of dispute, 1maid2 Limited reserves the right of final arbitrations.


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