Why choose us?

1. A Revolutionary HR Tech Company

Our HR tech company combines traditional and mobile technology to provide an innovative solution to the traditional hiring process for domestic helpers. Our mobile app is the world's first one-stop domestic helper matching app, featuring employer and foreign domestic helper (FDH) search, instant messaging, interview scheduling, voice and video interviews, instant hiring, online payment, and problem support. Our goal is to empower employers to hire FDHs without relying on agencies or referrals. With our app, employers can choose their own FDHs and manage all related services through their mobile phone. We also offer assistance in managing various FDHs, providing a comprehensive solution to all your hiring needs. Unlike other agencies that require monthly fees before choosing an FDH, our service is always up-to-date and flexible.


2. Technology-Driven Approach

Like many employers, our company's founders used traditional methods to hire FDHs. They would visit an agency and conduct interviews with the FDHs in person. Alternatively, the agency would send several FDH profiles through WhatsApp. However, due to their busy schedules, they often could not review the profiles until late at night, by which time most of the FDHs had already been hired by other clients. They were left with no choice but to ask the agency to send more profiles, hoping to find a suitable candidate. Unfortunately, this process was frustrating and time-consuming.

Recognizing the potential of technology, our company decided to leverage it to revolutionize the hiring process. Our mobile app allows you to browse and choose from a large pool of FDHs at any time of the day. You can communicate with them and conduct an instant interview through the app. If you need advice or have any specific requirements, our support team is always ready to assist you. Our goal is to make hiring an FDH as simple and convenient as possible, giving you the freedom to choose your own FDH and manage all related services through your mobile phone.


3. Extensive FDH Profile Database

Our mobile app provides access to two types of FDHs. The first type includes FDHs from all over the world who are currently working, seeking employment, or looking to change jobs. The second type includes FDH profiles that we directly upload to one of the largest agencies in the Philippines or Indonesia. As a direct source of FDHs, we have more options available each week, providing greater choices than other agencies in Hong Kong. By uploading the FDH profiles ourselves, we can maintain our own standards and services without worrying about the quality and ethics of supervision agencies.


4. No Agency Fees for FDHs

We never charge agency fees to FDHs, not even the legal limit of 10% of the first month's salary (i.e. HKD$473) as an introduction fee. This may not seem relevant to employers, but it is crucial. Some unethical agencies collect the FDH's salary for several months as an agency fee, leaving the FDH with little to live on. This can be especially difficult for an FDH who has come to Hong Kong alone and must send most of their salary back home. They may resort to borrowing money from finance companies or friends, but may still be unable to pay off their debts. In such cases, the finance company may go after the employer and even show up at their doorstep. Some agencies may set their agency fee very low to attract employers to hire FDHs, but their main income comes from charging FDHs. Therefore, it is important to recognize that the FDH's financial situation can also affect the employer.


5. No bad business practices

The domestic helper industry is plagued by unethical business practices, such as presenting FDHs in good condition but later refusing to provide them after payment. The agency may use various excuses, such as the FDH being sick or having family obligations, to avoid fulfilling their obligations. Dishonest agencies will not provide refunds, leaving employers with no choice but to continue using their services to hire a new FDH. However, the agency may only offer FDHs that are of lower quality than the first time. Additionally, some agencies may teach FDHs to create fake resumes, which may not become apparent until the FDH is already on board.


6. Fair price, no hidden charges

We believe in fair pricing with no tricks or hidden charges. While our service fee may not be the cheapest, you can be assured that it is fair and reasonable. We also strive to keep our fees competitive and not the most expensive in the market.

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