Why choose us?

1. Better than the others

We are a HR Tech Company that combines traditional and mobile technology. Our mobile app is also the first one-stop domestic helper matching app in the world that includes search employers and foreign domestic helpers (FDHs), instant messaging, interviews appointing system, voice/video interviews, instant hiring, payment online and problem support. The purpose of our company is to allow employers to hire FDHs without having to find other agencies to help them, and they don't need to find a friend for referral, they can choose their own FDHs by themselves. We can also help employers to handle various FDHs. You can hire the FDH and take care all related services just using a mobile phone. There are other agencies in the market to require customers to pay a monthly fee before they can choose an FDH, this practice is already out of date!

2. Technology combines non-traditional mobile apps

The founders of our company used traditional methods to hire FDHs like most employers. That is to find an agency on the street and go to their shop to conduce the interview with the FDH. They also tried to use a more convenient way, that is the agency sent several FDH profiles to them through WhatsApp. Due to busy work, they must wait until the night to have time to scan the profiles and pick up the appropriate one for interview, but most of them the FDH has been hired by other clients. So, they have no choice to ask the agency to send them some more profiles. There may be few more profiles sent to him by luck. If not, they need to find another agency to do the repetitive cycle again, I believe many employers have experienced it.

Therefore, the founders of the company feel that the world have come to the technology generation of 2019. They should not use this backward mode to hire FDHs. They should use technology to help them. The time saved can be used for rest, playing with children, or doing what they want to do. We are an agency combines traditional and mobile technology. With our mobile app, you can choose your own FDHs at any time, and you can talk to her and have an instant interview. If you need our advice, you can also contact directly to our support team and send your requirements to them. Our aim is to hope that "there is really a mobile phone in hand, you can choose you own FDH and take care all of the related services"


3. A large number of FDH profiles in the database

Through our mobile app, you can choose from two different types of FDHs. The first one is a FDH from all over the world, who is working, wanting to change jobs or waiting for work. The second is that we are directly upload the FDH profile on the shelves with one of the largest agencies in the Philippines or Indonesia. Since it is the direct source of FDHs, many FDHs are available every week, and there are more choices than the other agencies in Hong Kong. Because we directly upload the FDH profile on the shelves, rather than working for agency to put the profiles on shelves, we don't have to keep the quality and ethics of the supervision agencies. We only need to focus on ourselves


4. Never charge FDH agency fees

We never charge an FDH fee, not even the Labour Department can legally charge 10% of the first month's monthly salary (i.e. $452) as an introduction fee. This seems not relevant to the employers, but it is not. Many employers may not know that in fact, many bad agencies collect the FDH's salary for a few months as an agency fee. Imagine that an FDH come to Hong Kong alone and return most of the salary to the agency every month. she/he must send money back to the hometown, and nothing money left. In the absence of change, and then they borrow money from the finance company by other friends. Most FDHs are unable to pay off their debts. If finance company did not receive the money from FDH, they will go to the employer and even go to the door to chase, so some agencies set the agency fee very low to attract employers to hire FDHs because their main income is not from the employer but from FDHs side. So, do you really think that the FDH borrows money has nothing to do with the employer?


5. No bad business practices

The industry's bad business practices are numerous, one of which is to give you a good condition of the FDH. After you paid, the agency uses various excuses to say that the FDH cannot be reported, like she is sick, or her family has something to do. Doing so, of course, unscrupulous agency will not refund, and the employer can only continue to use this agency again to hire a new FDH, but the agency will only give you the FDHs that is not better than the first time. In addition, they will also teach FDHs to create a fake Resume, you will find it out after the FDH is on board.


6. Fair price, no hidden charges

Our prices are fair, no tricks, no hidden charges. Our service fee may not be the most cheapest, but it must be fair and reasonable, and it will not be the most expensive.

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