Why choose us?

1. Revolutionary HR Tech Company

Our HR tech company combines traditional and mobile technology to revolutionize the hiring process for domestic helpers. Our mobile app is the world's first one-stop domestic helper matching app, offering features like employer and foreign domestic helper (FDH) search, instant messaging, interview scheduling, voice and video interviews, instant hiring, online payment, and problem support. With our app, employers can choose their own FDHs, manage services through their mobile phones, and eliminate the need for agencies or referrals. Our comprehensive solution ensures flexibility and up-to-date service without monthly fees.

2. Technology-Driven Approach

Our company's founders, like many employers, faced challenges with traditional hiring methods. They would visit agencies for in-person interviews or receive FDH profiles via WhatsApp, often missing out on suitable candidates due to time constraints. To simplify the process, we developed a mobile app that allows you to browse, communicate, and conduct instant interviews with FDHs at any time. Our support team is available to assist you, making hiring an FDH convenient and efficient.

3. Extensive FDH Profile Database

Our mobile app provides access to two types of FDHs. The first type includes FDHs from around the world who are currently employed, seeking work, or looking for job changes. The second type consists of FDH profiles directly uploaded from one of the largest agencies in the Philippines or Indonesia. By maintaining our own standards and services, we offer a wider range of options compared to other agencies, ensuring quality and ethical supervision.

4. No Agency Fees for FDHs

We never charge agency fees to FDHs, even the legally allowed introduction fee of 10% of the first month's salary (i.e., HKD$473). This practice is crucial as some unethical agencies collect multiple months' salaries as agency fees, leaving FDHs with minimal income. By eliminating such practices, we aim to safeguard the financial well-being of FDHs and prevent potential issues for employers.

5. No Unethical Practices

The domestic helper industry often faces unethical practices, such as agencies accepting payments but failing to provide FDHs afterward. Some agencies offer excuses like illness or family obligations to avoid their responsibilities. We ensure transparency and integrity by providing refunds and avoiding such dishonest practices. Employers can trust us to deliver quality service and avoid situations where lower-quality FDHs or fake resumes are presented.

6. Fair Pricing with No Hidden Charges

We believe in fair pricing without hidden charges or tricks. While we may not offer the cheapest service, we guarantee reasonable and competitive fees. Our aim is to provide value for money while maintaining high-quality standards.

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