11Local FDH (Unfinished Contract / Overseas FDH)

If the helper is located in countries other than his/her home country, he/she must return to his/her home country before coming to Hong Kong.

– Unfinished Contract 1: Broken Contract means that the helper is currently in Hong Kong and he/she does not want to continue his/her 2-year contract.

– Unfinished Contract 2: Terminated Contract means that the helper is being fired and cannot finish his/her 2-year contract.

Broken/Terminated Contract helpers might have a bad record in the Immigration Department. They might be rejected if they have broken / have been terminated their contracts for multiple times.

– Overseas Contract means that the helper is currently not locating in Hong Kong. 

Service Fee: HKD $9,800

Estimated Time: 10-16 Weeks (after all documents are submitted)

Service Content

  • Processing fees for Indonesia Consulate
  • Visa and other departure expenses to Indonesia government
  • Full medical check up before arrival in Hong Kong:

– Chest X-Ray; tests for HbsAg, anti-HIV, VDRL, pregnancy etc.

  • Hong Kong Immigration Department visa
  • A one-way air-ticket to Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong airport pickup upon arrival and consulate registration
  • Assistance in application of helper’s Hong Kong I.D.
  • Medical check up in Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong mandatory compensation insurance


  1. Submit application
  2. Transfer payment
  3. Our finished contract team will contact you shortly
  4. Submit documents
  5. Get the employment visa


  • Helpers are responsible for their training school fees and local expenses.
  • The hire process is ended when the helper’s employment visa is issued.

Refund Policy

  • Processes being cancelled by Employer is not refundable.
  • If the helper gives up the application before getting the VISA, the employer can get another Overseas FDH by 1maid2 for free.
  • If the helper is not satisfied, the employer can get another Overseas FDH by 1maid2 with a 20% discount within six months.
  • If case of dispute, 1maid2 Limited reserves the right of final arbitration.
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